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Healthy eating choices can be enjoyable

Healthy Eating Choices

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We all know a healthy diet is good for us. What we eat affects our appearance, our energy and our health. But too often, “healthy” and “diet” are associated with tasteless and boring. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Harvard Medical School’s health publication offers the following suggestions for making healthy food choices that are also enjoyable:

  1. Focus on eating a variety of foods. Be creative. Don’t dread the word “diet.” Experiment with new recipes.
  2. Make changes slowly. Starting with breakfast, switch from eggs, bacon, donuts and white toast or bagels to oatmeal or bran cereal and fruit. A high-fiber cereal bar is a good choice for busy mornings.
  3. For lunch, try salads, low-fat yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, tuna or peanut butter sandwiches, and fruit. Unsalted nuts, trail mix, fruit, raw veggies, rye crisp bread or graham crackers are healthy snacks.
  4. Dinner is a chance to experiment with fish, skinless poultry, beans, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, along with salads and veggies.
  5. You don’t have to give up desserts as long as portions are moderate.
  6. There’s no need to cut out coffee or tea unless the caffeine makes you feel jumpy.

Focus on the long-range view, with flexibility for an occasional favorite treat. Follow your tastes. Eat what you enjoy among the healthier choices. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you’ll stay with your healthy choices.

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