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When you choose Morrow, Gates and Morrow to handle your case, you always get personalized attention from an experienced attorney. That doesn’t always happen when clients choose a very large law firm that claims to have a “team of lawyers” who will fight for you.

In fact, at extremely large firms, many clients don’t even speak with an attorney until their lawsuit is filed. These large firms often have other staff members (often referred to as “case managers”) who interact with potential clients to try and determine if a lawsuit is feasible. Only after it’s established that the client has a valid case do they actually get to speak to an attorney.

This never happens at Morrow, Gates and Morrow because our attorneys provide personalized service and attention to every client. Why is this important? Because being able to meet in person with an experienced attorney helps to strengthen your case, allowing your lawyer to ask you the right questions to build your case properly. It also gives our attorneys the opportunity to guide each client through every step of the legal process – to let them know what will happen and why throughout their case.

Our attorneys also make it a point to return messages as promptly as possible and be available to speak with clients when needed. We believe in making the legal process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients as they deal with what is often a difficult time in their lives.

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If you have suffered a personal injury due to a car, trucking or work related accident, or have been been denied social security disability, we urge you to schedule a free legal consultation with Morrow, Gates and Morrow. One of our experienced attorneys will evaluate your case and guide you through your legal options. If a lawsuit is needed, we’ll fight hard to help get the compensation you deserve.

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