Safety Measures to Help Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

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Unfortunately, motorcycle accident victims are much more likely to be injured or killed than other motorists who are involved in accidents. The good news is that we can offer you a number of safety precautions to help avoid accidents while riding a motorcycle – as well as some safety tips for other motorists to help them be more aware of motorcyclists on the road.

Motorcyclist Safety Tips

  • Ride Defensively – It’s critical that you “watch out for the other guy” because the vast majority of accidents are caused by motorists who fail to see the motorcyclist and violate the rider’s right of way.
  • Follow the Traffic Laws – Obey the speed limit (speeding is a major cause of motorcycle accidents); never make illegal turns; be aware of local traffic laws wherever you ride.
  • Use Your Headlight – Always keeping your headlights on while riding increases your visibility to other motorists.
  • Never Tailgate – Following vehicles too closely puts you in the driver’s “blind spot” and greatly increases the chance of an accident.

Car and Truck Driver Safety Tips

  • Take Care When Turning – Look behind you carefully before making a turn. More than 40 percent of car/motorcycle accidents happen when the driver turns left into the path of a motorcycle that is going straight.
  • Check Your Blind Spots – Motorcycles are small, so it’s easy to miss them when driving a car or truck. Check your blind spots carefully before changing lanes or turning.
  • Keep Your Distance – When following behind a motorcyclist, stay well back so you’ll have time to react to the unexpected.
  • Be Careful in Bad Weather – Rain, snow or freezing conditions are more hazardous for motorcyclists than for other motorists. Give motorcyclists a little extra space in bad weather.

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