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How to Avoid Vehicle–Bicycle Accidents

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More adults in America are riding bicycles on a regular basis than ever before. Unfortunately, that means there are now more traffic accidents involving bikes – with an average of two cyclists dying every day due to accidents with motor vehicles. Following are a few simple tips that can help bicycle riders avoid being hit by vehicles.

Obey Traffic Laws – Most states require bicycle riders to obey the same traffic laws as motorists. Follow all the same laws and rules when riding your bike as when you’re driving a car.

Ride on the Right – Always ride with the traffic (on the right side of the road).

Stay off Sidewalks – Riding on sidewalks is very dangerous – and illegal in most states.

Beware Intersections – Intersections are where many bicycle accidents happen because of traffic coming from multiple directions. Take extra care at all intersections.

Beware Parked Cars – Many accidents are caused when a cyclist passes alongside a parked car and someone in the car opens a door into their path. Stay alert.

Beware Parking Lots – Parking lots are dangerous because of cars entering and exiting, backing up and opening doors. Take extra care.

Watch Your Back – Being rear-ended is a common type of cycling accident. Use your rearview mirrors and be wary when turning or changing lanes.

Be Visible – Wear bright colors and put lights (front and back) and reflectors on your bike.

Stay Alert – There’s no substitute for being alert and aware when biking. Always keep an eye out and never use electronic devices that will distract you or impair your hearing.

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