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Staying Safe While Traveling or on Vacation

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Whether you’re going on vacation or traveling for a business trip or family obligations – it’s important to know how to stay safe on your trip while also protecting your home while you’re away. Following are a few basic tips to help you stay safe.

Alert Your Neighbors – Tell your neighbors or friends when you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on your home and property. They can alert the police if they notice suspicious activity.

Check All of Your Locks – Be sure to lock all doors and windows – including second floor windows and those in your garage.

Stop Mail Delivery – If you’re going to be away for a while, stop mail (and newspaper) delivery. Piles of newspapers and excess mail are a signal to thieves that nobody is home.

Avoid Social Media – While it’s fun to post pics and updates during your great vacation, it’s also a way for crooks to find out that your house is empty and susceptible to burglary.

Keep Credit Cards and Cash Separate – It’s never a good idea to keep all of your cash and credit cards in the same place while traveling. Keep some in your wallet or purse and some in a pocket or money pouch (or the hotel safe). This will prevent all of your financial resources from being stolen or lost at the same time.

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